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The richest woman in Dayan

The richest woman in Dayan

The richest woman in Dayan

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    The richest woman in Dayan
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    Chu song mania
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    Redhouse Novel
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2021-11-29 09:09:38
Although Su Qingjiu was born in a merchant's house and was named the daughter of a concubine, she was loved by the owner and hated by her sisters Su Qingjiu, whose grandfather died unexpectedly and lost his umbrella, had to face the wolves at home, took the initiative to protect his parents and siblings, grew from a weak woman who ran into a wall everywhere to a generation of business wizards, and inherited his grandfather's will to expand and strengthen the family business her grandfather once made an engagement for her, but the other party was a romantic prodigal. She wanted to quit her marriage, but she found that the other party had sacrificed her life to protect each other again and again, and became a pair of excellent people in the long-term relationship this paper focuses on the growth line of men and women. Women become business leaders and men revenge and become powerful politicians. The emotional line is narrow and long-term, supporting each other and complementing each other daily chat number: 478667682

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