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I killed God in the script

I killed God in the script

I killed God in the script

Rating: 9 / 10 from 5358 ratings
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    I killed God in the script
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    Qin Zong
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    52weixin Books
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2022-05-14 11:53:42
[Ding! Player information has been archived and script tasks have been assigned. Welcome to the "script kill" game.] after retirement, Bo Jun was hired back by unscrupulous businessmen and returned to the script kill game to fix bugs between interests and beliefs, choose rose like lovers and beliefs or interests and betrayal; Before suffering and honor, listen to the oracle of mermaid siren and seek survival and revenge, or let the sea eliminate the ignorant townspeople the boy holding the rose dances in the spit, and his soul turns into the most beautiful swan in ballet; The monster peeped in the hotel cat's eyes, and the red blood pupil shed tears of repentance; In the group of doomsday zombies, human beings eager to survive guard rebirth and hope "I am moved by tenderness and kindness. I am willing to save my believers who are sad but do not forget hope in the midst of water and fire suffering." the God said -- improper follow-up - later, after countless scripts, Bo Jun refreshed his previous record and mysteriously stepped on his ashes Bo Jun: "what should I say? Thank you for your support and my previous large Mr. system: "..." how can I remember that the main system told me to bring a novice? Is this a novice?! I dare not open the blind box like this!! She's crazy! Hey [full level boss fine points online female masters] × The strongest auxiliary double business online male owner, the full text is free ~]

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