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Go back to town and be a God

Go back to town and be a God

Go back to town and be a God

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    Go back to town and be a God
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    Wood grape seed
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-06-24 02:55:08
At the age of 30, Lin Wanzhao, the goddess of overseas returnees, was born again at the age of 14 and returned to the southwest town without air conditioning tens of millions of deposits are gone, pension mansions are gone, status and reputation are gone, Lin Wanzhao doesn't care and doesn't say anything, and he wants to kneel and worship to God three times and six times every day to show his gratitude looking at the juvenile delinquent passing downstairs from her house, Lin Wanzhao swore to himself: Shen Xie, I'll help you fill the swamp in this life one day, Shen, a juvenile delinquent, straddled on a black modified locomotive that he pulled wildly, with his legs propped on the ground and his arms folded in front of his chest, pretending to inadvertently glance at the legendary Xueba with his eyes above the top: what's up? It's okay. Get out of the way Lin Wanzhao: Yes, something is a lifelong event drag the boy with a confused face: Lin Wanzhao looked serious: you have to be responsible for me SHEN Xie: Lin Wanzhao: No, I have to be responsible for you SHEN Xie: Lin Wanzhao: bah, bah! You have to be responsible for yourself SHEN Xie:... several years later, Lin Wanzhao suddenly woke up. It turned out that Shen Xie was also her salvation in a word, this is a little warm article about mutual redemption and common growth between roles the end of sour poem: this feeling lasts forever, only when the setting sun shines in the evening.

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