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After the movie, she was routine again

After the movie, she was routine again

After the movie, she was routine again

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    After the movie, she was routine again
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    Annual panicle
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2022-09-08 21:59:55
Type: he shuangwen, a childhood sweetheart in the entertainment circle [contrast cute, mouth gun expert x Sven, scum fake abstinence] the four seasons give you infinite glory after three years of study abroad on Jiangyu, Lin Zhixu has become a hot little flower. Jiangyu doesn't quite understand that he used to be a lovely sweet bean in front of him, How can you become a little expert in fighting against the sky, the earth and the air with great support for the cause of Jiangyu, peach blossoms continue to pinch. Lin Zhixu's play? investment! Lin Zhixu's magazine cover was robbed? Grab it back and give it another year! Danghong Xiaosheng chases Lin Zhixu. Talk to him about life Lin Zhixu's mother had a congenital heart disease. She had a sudden attack three years ago. The situation was urgent. She managed to save her life, but her health was much worse than before. Therefore, the whole family hoped that Lin Zhixu would not inherit fearing that Lin Zhixu had inherited it, Jiangyu immediately went abroad for further study to protect Lin Zhixu's safety and help Lin's mother recover Jiang Yu said: "three years ago, I used some contacts to give her a guarantee in the entertainment industry." "three years later, I came back to be the guarantee of her life."

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