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Heart to wild

Heart to wild

Heart to wild

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    Heart to wild
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    Fei Qing
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    Ethical Novel
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2022-05-24 05:43:17
[anti killing black swan in investment banking vs invisible big man in chip field] at the investment promotion reception, Shen Bingqing met his predecessor Qin Xiaoyang again people from both sides exchanged greetings between pushing cups and changing lamps partner: "President Qin has become a family?" Qin Xiaoyang shook his glass and smiled: "no, he was cheated when he was innocent and didn't believe in feelings." then he looked at Shen Bingqing, with a faint look in his eyes: "what does president Shen think?" SHEN Bingqing's charming red lips bent and smiled indifferently: "what can I think?" / / / SHEN Bingqing comes from Shanghai. She is a fine petty bourgeois and pays attention to the sense of life ceremony - when drinking water, she should use imported hand-made crystal cups; Aromatherapy must be diptyque's; Even the floor towels you step on have to be purchased from abroad Qin Xiaoyang, who grew up in Shenzhen, dislikes these rituals coerced by consumerism and feels that he can live freely therefore, Shen Bingqing doesn't like such a rough person as Qin Xiaoyang, and Qin Xiaoyang also thinks Shen Bingqing is living very hard but then the two fell in love and staged a really fragrant play of catching horses / / SHEN Bingqing thinks that love can only be 100 points. One point less is not 99, but 0, just like her requirements for life - perfection, perfection and clear boundary she didn't want 99 points of love, so she left with dignity after that, she walked freely in the southwest alone walking on the vast land, I often think of what Qin Xiaoyang said to her before breaking up - my heart is not free, everywhere is a cage.

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