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Reborn Redeemer

Reborn Redeemer

Reborn Redeemer

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    Reborn Redeemer
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    I like eschewin
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    Garden Novel
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2022-07-04 05:34:53
In her previous life, Zhao Keke made a sincere mistake and pulled the man who loved her most down from the altar. Help scum men and women climb to the peak of life and kill all those who care about her. They have to explode and die with each other before death, the regret in my heart is too strong, which stimulates and binds the space for redemption and can be reborn to the day when everything did not start in this life, the left hand saves space. The largest grain wholesaler gives up his own. Bring the crystal core and give you the Chinese cabbage... is the right hand training space chicken ribs? Summon a water dragon and kill you in an instant. Is the wood ordinary? Send you a towering tree and hang you as fruit. Is light rare? Sister is that rare existence dregs, your ancestors are here. Kneel down and repent! Go to hell and make atonement since then, I have embarked on the road of abusing slag pet husband and never look back.