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Shunv Qinghe

Shunv Qinghe

Shunv Qinghe

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    Shunv Qinghe
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    Blue Alizarin
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    52weixin Books
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2022-05-13 04:40:21
In the 21st century, special agent Wei Qinghe passed through the body of an unpopular and common woman Wei Qinghe in ancient times because of a plane crash. However, her biological mother was not spoiled. Her immediate mother deliberately made a stumbling block. The other sisters were more vicious than each other, and her father didn't pay attention to them. Through rebirth, she must not be as cowardly as her original owner, so that she lost her life at a young age. Fortunately, when she passed through, she also had her own space. There is everything in the space, It even includes the small hospital originally opened by itself didn't the first mother deliberately make a trip? Then she will resolve it one by one, and then make a trip to the first mother aren't the sisters more cruel than each other? Then she is more cruel than them and let them bypass in front of themselves as for not being valued by her father, she will solve the problem for her father and let him beg for himself the weak woman who can be bullied by everyone turns around and becomes a fragrant steamed bun in the eyes of everyone. She can even go in and out of the palace at will to treat the emperor, but what's the matter with the prince's marriage.

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