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Falling kiss

Falling kiss

Falling kiss

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    Falling kiss
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    Present orange
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    Daily Novel
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2022-06-18 22:32:21
Meng saw Xu Yi for the first time in the past. A pair of cool thin peach eyes without temperature disturbed her for many years everyone around knows that the cousin girl of the Meng family wants to chase the famous Playboy in their circle when Xu Yi hugged one white and beautiful long legged sister after another, Meng Zaixi always looked at him pitifully something happened to the Meng family. Meng went abroad in the past after three years' absence, my friend asked: do you still like it the little girl sneered: "who?" no one noticed that the wine glass in Xu Dashuo's hand trembled later, it was seen that Xu Yi, who has always been cold and thin, didn't know himself. He passed among thousands of flowers and didn't touch his body, left the company alone and followed a sister all day his eyes were slightly red: "Xixi, I was wrong. Don't don't want me." (chasing his wife in the crematorium, the sultry prodigal son goes back to chase his wife in two directions) New Female psychologist X General Manager of sultry prodigal son

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