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Soul devouring Emperor

Soul devouring Emperor

Soul devouring Emperor

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1838 ratings
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    Soul devouring Emperor
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    Madam Feng
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    Wine Novel
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2022-07-01 00:34:35
"The eighteen mile cherry grove is in love. Life and death are close to each other, and we can talk with Zicheng, but... Can we pay back, and count?" ": don't count! Don't count! Ling Hao, Ling Hao... Don't die... Don't... I don't want you to die... Don't leave me..." ink's blood and tears were like rain. Ling Hao pulled out a stiff smile on his pale face: "well, forget me, so... I also... Feel at ease." The cold hand slipped from the fingertips of the ink blood. : no!! " With a roar of black blood, his spirit suddenly exploded around him, turning the surrounding soul eating thorns into ashes. The scattered black blood vomited a mouthful of black blood and fell to the ground. In a daze, he saw a cold beautiful man dressed in black in a different suit in the black hole torn out of the sky. His snow-white skin was as cold and dangerous as a vampire in the dark night. His whole body was full of noble breath. His beautiful face was hard to see, "Mo... Cold..." Mo Xue squeezed two words out of his mouth and passed out. The man walked out of the black hole slowly and picked up the ink blood from the ground. He used his mind to use his soul power. A pair of blue and black wings appeared behind him. With a wave of wings, he held the ink blood and disappeared in the air.

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