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Jiao Niang s fortune record

Jiao Niang s fortune record

Jiao Niang s fortune record

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    Jiao Niang s fortune record
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    The secret in the tree hole
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    Only Novel
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2022-09-17 19:54:04
After crossing, she dressed as a little peasant girl in the countryside and mountains. She was thin and naked. her father died early, her mother died of illness, and she was dependent on her grandmother. fortunately, there was a long river in front of the door and a big mountain behind the house. There were mountains and water. Song Qiu said that she was not afraid. She rolled up her sleeves to work hard, get rich, and lead her grandmother to a good life PS: a long stream of articles. All the settings in this article are only for the story of this article. Do not textual research.

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