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Her little sticky cake

Her little sticky cake

Her little sticky cake

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    Her little sticky cake
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    Forget the river as before
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    Hotel novel
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2022-07-30 10:26:52
When Qian Yan first saw him, he was in a mess she decided to take him home first, it was prompted by the system, and second, it was because he was really good-looking. for Gu Xian, the girl was strange and kind to him, and everything followed him. he always thought that the strange girl wanted him, and some terrible pictures always appeared in his mind, but after a period of contact, He found that the girl was just for his face after a long time, he seems to have a strange feeling about this girl! He would worry about some strange things: what if he was disfigured in the future? Will she not want me No, I have to get her heart [paranoia vs ultimate beauty control] the world war is about to begin (ah, bah, the road of sweet PET)

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