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Luohe 3000 stars

Luohe 3000 stars

Luohe 3000 stars

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    Luohe 3000 stars
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2022-08-23 15:29:53
For immortals, the world is mostly a small dish of porridge other than fish and meat. Immortals go to the world of mortals when they have nothing to worry about. The good name is calendar robbery but no immortal has ever caused such a sensation as the God of Xize. Heaven and earth lamented for it, and the drought lasted for three years she died in that dry year and was forced to beg for rain. Finally, she was tied to the altar a blue water bead breaks the barrier between immortals and gods and entangles them for generations. It is only a matter of love, but it is in vain everyone knows that the person in front of him is a man in heaven and the star in front of him is a star in heaven from then on, it will lean towards the dawn stars and fall into the blue clouds for you.

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