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After rebirth, he was spoiled by bigots

After rebirth, he was spoiled by bigots

After rebirth, he was spoiled by bigots

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    After rebirth, he was spoiled by bigots
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    Rui Linyi
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    52weixin Books
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2022-08-17 10:52:26
In the previous life, she was ripped open by her husband's cheap sister-in-law, extracted bone marrow and dug her eyes to death live a new life, she reveals the ugly face of scum men and women step by step, and redoubles all the deceptions and injuries she suffered in the previous life I thought that men and women could get rid of scum, but I was spoiled by bigots once he was reborn, he was caught by the boss and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the red book just after the wedding, he was thrown back to his room by the boss in response to the second child policy as soon as I finished my graduation project, I was taken by the boss to explore the insurance in the mountains and forests... What bigots want to do, she can't say no who let him be her rebirth?

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