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Owe him a kiss

Owe him a kiss

Owe him a kiss

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    Owe him a kiss
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    Sitting bear cub
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-05-24 14:45:13
At the end of the year, the wolf dog sand carving apprentice in the noisy bar, he blocked her in the bathroom, and the warm smell sprinkled on her ears "apprentice, long time no see." looking at the familiar and strange man in front of me gradually coincided with the figure of the teenager in my memory read a bitter smile "It's said that President Xie is getting married, so don't forget to give me an invitation. I'm ready for all the money." the man's eyes are cold, but his tone is still smiling and very frivolous. "it seems that the elder sister's memory is not very good. Do you want me to remind her?" the other party keeps approaching, and I can't retreat when I'm forced to retreat "when thanking you, I don't owe you anything, you don't have to..." Before she finished, her lips were suddenly sealed five years ago when she completely withdrew from his life she thought she had a new beginning long ago and the reunion after five years all her disguises were still in ruins in front of him

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