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Cavalry female general

Cavalry female general

Cavalry female general

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    Cavalry female general
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    Lava Novel
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2022-05-27 17:42:33
Jia ningshuang, a generation of female demons, is crazy and murderous, but who knows how painful she lives. My father poisoned her. My stepmother and sister wanted to kill her. Qingmei betrayed her. He finally became a general by his own efforts, but he became a traitor to the enemy because he was poisoned for many years her hands were covered with bloody sins. After waking up, she was in great pain and killed herself on the city wall unexpectedly, when she opened her eyes again, she returned to the time when all the pain began to live a new life, she will never allow herself to repeat the tragedy of the previous life this time, she will take good care of the common people in the world, seek well-being for the people and retreat the enemy for her family and country.

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