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Star wife is difficult to support

Star wife is difficult to support

Star wife is difficult to support

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    Star wife is difficult to support
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    Ling Shen
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    Health Books
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2022-05-24 02:11:40
Xin Nuan inadvertently entered the future world from the Republic of China. Across time and space, it has entered the interstellar era. Without food, operas, masterpieces and documents... cultural differences make it difficult for her to walk here. In order to survive, she was forced to go on the road of live entertainment. Just making a reward, she had no intention of reviving the faulted ancient history and civilization. Attracted a bunch of bigwigs from all walks of life xinnuan: there was also a man who broke into her heart, broke all her defenses and arrogance, and let her find another possibility of her life and everything she really liked "no, in our place, marriage needs the consent of both parents." "... I suspect you are rejecting me in a disguised form." "what's the difference between you and me and elopement? Why should our future children be embarrassed?" "you TMD come from the Republic of China! I went there to see my father-in-law“