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Poison doctor mother cute baby

Poison doctor mother cute baby

Poison doctor mother cute baby

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    Poison doctor mother cute baby
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    Su qinger
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    Free Novel
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2022-08-16 14:20:05
Su Ruoxi, Fengwu mainland, Fengtian Kingdom, the third lady of King Su's house. Born with useless materials, ugly and stupid, he was bullied since childhood. Finally, he was pushed down the cliff to death after being drugged by his two sisters... wake up again and alternate souls. When the soul of the strong enters the body of the weak, what waves will Fengwu mainland set off cultivation? She has a constitution against the sky. She can absorb Xuanqi when lying down and sleeping alchemy? Stroll around the forest with the baby, contract a cute animal, and take the herbs to pull out the pill refiner? On the way, I saved a foolish Lu Chi casually. Unexpectedly, he was a talent for refining weapons. Meng Meng recognized him as the main reason because she was willing to lead him... he was a monster with unparalleled charm! On the surface, she is the ruthless Phoenix King of the Phoenix Kingdom, but in fact, she is the master behind the mysterious forces... at first sight, she pressed him under her as an antidote, but she didn't look at him. She just took his money, let alone who he is goodbye, she won his money again in his gambling house. By the time he arrived, she had gone and the money was empty... six years later she lifted the veil of mystery and revealed her beautiful face... she washed a great country with blood and bloomed thousands of elegance... there was a man who was sad and turned her 3000 ink hair into snow... there was a man who guarded her silently, Die first for her bloody yellow body... the female Lord is strong, cold, beautiful and black. Don't provoke right and wrong, don't be afraid of right and wrong, just hate trouble. You don't offend me. I won't offend you. If you offend me, cut the grass and eliminate the roots men are black, powerful and indifferent. The ending is one-on-one [Su qinger's only fan group: 154856.]

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