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The sister of a big man in a vest

The sister of a big man in a vest

The sister of a big man in a vest

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    The sister of a big man in a vest
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    Master Jiuxi
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    Day Books
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2022-06-15 02:25:18
[the book is free] [1v1 Shuangjie, hypnosis, koi, Tuan pet] Gu Yang, who has just inherited hundreds of millions of wealth, wears books and becomes the fake daughter of the book at the beginning, she framed the real daughter and forced the villains to be the blood bank. The decent villains have offended all over in order to get to the end, Gu Yang resolutely drew a line with the best of the family, made amends with the female owner, replenished blood for the villains, and lived on her own however - Gu's father and mother: "anyhow, Yangyang is the daughter of my family! Gu's group also has Yangyang!" brother Gu Pei: "I only have one sister Gu Yang! Sister, give you all your family!" female customer Gu Jin: "what's your family? If you want ten families, your sister can get them for you." villain Feng Jue: "My blood, my people, my everything is yours." ... the rich family in Jincheng privately said, "the family is stupid, and the fake gold is also a treasure." until one day, the family became the richest man in Jincheng and the leader in the industry. everyone was sour. I heard that Gu Yang was mixed with mental illness all day, and netizens ridiculed: "I'm afraid it's also a neuropathy?" leaders from all walks of life came forward one after another: "I'm her patient." Chinese Psychiatric Society and Psychological Society: "that's our president." The whole network exploded. ... Gu Yang thought that the small blood bank was beautiful and a little poor. She wanted to be nice to him and compensate him more. until one day, the little poor pressed her in the corner of the wall: "did you hypnotize me? I was full of you." later, she knew that she was wandering around the world, and he had been waiting for her.

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