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Princess, she s setting up people again

Princess, she s setting up people again

Princess, she s setting up people again

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    Princess, she s setting up people again
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    Litchi I only love cinnamon
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    Passion Novel
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2022-05-24 03:08:54
On the wedding night, a man said coldly, "it's only an expedient measure for the king to marry you today, so in addition to the title of Princess..." a female evil spirit smiled and said, "well, it's no problem." a man looked stunned. Before he finished, the woman promised so readily. Is there any conspiracy "Oh, I'd like to hear the details." a master sneered. He wanted to see what the woman wanted to do... "master, the princess is taking concubines for you in the city." a bodyguard hurried in to report "it seems that the princess is a little proud of her pet recently. Let her do it. She likes it!" a bodyguard looks stunned... "master, princess, she..." "what's the matter with the princess?" a master said anxiously "princess, she tells stories in the restaurant and sells miserably. She says you have a good male style. She is just a decoration!" "Oh, really? The princess is really getting more and more interesting!" some evil spirit smiled< br> “……”

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